The Count of Monte Cristo

Have you seen the movie The Count of Monte Cristo? I have seen 2 versions, one in black and white from 1934 that was impossible to follow. The other was from 2002, with Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce. I still like that movie because I just like to watch Jim Caviezel. (Guy Pearce kind of gives me the creeps, but his character dies. I’m okay with that.) I don’t tell my husband that is why I like the movie as this reasoning would not contribute to marital bliss.

I also like the 2002 movie because the story is easy to follow. I thought that the book would be along the same storyline, and it is to a point. The beginning is the same, but about 15% of the way through the book, the story takes a much different path. So, all of that to say, that if you have seen the movie, it is not the same as the book.

Chateau d'If

The Chateau d’If

Photo CC- by Angela

The Story

The story of The Count of Monte Cristo was written by French author Alexandre Dumas, and is a story about sailor Edmond Dantès who is innocently imprisoned in the Chateau d’if for being a part of a Bonaparte conspiracy. Napoleon Bonaparte has been exiled on the island of Elba, and Dantès carries a letter for him that speaks of Napoleon’s attempt to escape and recapture his empire. Though Dantès does not know what the letter says, his jealous adversary manages to draw the attention of the government to the letter Dantès carries. Thus, he is put in prison just minutes before his wedding is to take place. Dantès meets a fellow prisoner who helps him discover why Edmond has been falsely imprisoned, and gives him a map to an enormous treasure. Then Dantès escapes, finds the treasure, and begins to exact revenge on his enemies.

022/365 - an increasingly ravenous appetite

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This. Book. Is. So. Long.

I am reading this book on my kindle, thankfully. I would not want to hold this in paper form in my hand, I would sprain something, or cramp, and never be able to use my hand again. I have spent hours reading this book, and I am 44% of the way through.

I really like the story though. The themes of justice, love, faithfulness – or lack of faithfulness, and vengeance are what make this a classic. Alexandre Dumas has a great deal of dialogue in his books, and his descriptions of locations and people are also very detailed. Also, there are many side stories within the overall story of The Count of Monte Cristo.

If you appreciate detail in classic literature, I would suggest reading the book. If you are not a lover of the classics, watch the movie. It is still a great story, even if it is not completely true to the original.

I will hopefully finish the book this week, and will share what I have learned from this novel after my reading of it is complete. I am loving my time spent in classic literature.

Here is a tweet I found about my least favorite classic. Ha! I would make a mistake like that!


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