Daily Create Challenge, part I

The 30-day Daily Create Challenge begins!

Day 1

Breakfast Selfie

This one is the full body shot.


Day 2

Draw a 15-second batman.


Day 3

Make and inspirational poster. The twist: the words of wisdom on it have to be something that *you* have said.

 Inspirtional Poster

I say this to my kids, it’s practical words of wisdom. They recognized it right away!

(Photo CC – by Leonid Mamchenkov. I edited it and made the poster.)

Day 4

Trees are amazing. With a bit of photo editing you can turn them into evil monsters or beautiful patterns. Go make some tree art.


Day 5

Make drawn, collaged, or photo art around your fingerprints. Your fingerprints are as unique as you are.


Bonus points to the person who can name the song that inspired the picture! It was quite popular in my house for several years.


2 thoughts on “Daily Create Challenge, part I

  1. “5 green and speckled frogs were sitting on a hollow log…” Do I get my bonus points now?! All of these turned out amazing. To go with your boredom quote, my dad always used to tell me “Never bored. Just lazy!” So true!


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