Daily Create Challenge, Part II

Day 6

Do a scavenger hunt of your most hated color in your neighborhood. Put the video on YouTube.

I did not do this challenge. I felt like it would create strife with my neighbors if they ever found out their house was featured on a video saying it looked terrible. I thought it would be kinder if I did something else.

My nieces were visiting, so I took advantage of time with them and had the three year old sing her favorite song for me. Thanks for your help, Ella!

Day 7

Talk with a stranger. Tell us the story!

Conversations with Walmart people

Today I was in the checkout line at Walmart. After I loaded my groceries on to the conveyer belt I tried to find a plastic divider so the woman behind me could unload her cart. I could not find one right away and I apologized, something I regularly do for things that are not my fault.

The woman said that she would wait until I was done checking out since she was trying to burn more time. She wanted to take as long as possible because her daughter and her dog were with her mother and she was alone for the first time in a week. She just wanted a break from the craziness of life. Maybe she had a bad week.

I told her to enjoy the rest of her afternoon and then paid for my groceries. Hopefully she went back to her mother’s to pick up her daughter and dog feeling somewhat restored after the alone time she spent at Walmart. She was surrounded by people, but it was people who didn’t need her to take care of them. That makes all the difference.

Day 8

The day’s challenge was to walk behind people engaged in conversation for several blocks and write a poem about their conversation.

I live in a little, little town of less than 500 people. If I followed behind 2 of them for several blocks it would be obvious, and a little creepy. I chose another poetry writing from the archive to do instead.

Try #2: Make a haiku about what it is (or was) like to start DS106 either as an open participant or at a university.

Ds106 haiku

Read, write, see and say

The Daily Create begins

Challenges to come

Day 9

Practice paying attention. Take the day to practice and show us how you did it.

I walked around my yard and enjoyed the little details. The chickens were proudly proclaiming one had laid an egg and then came to visit me. I looked at the budding plants and grasses. Swirling lines on the sandstone in the flowerbed caught my attention. There were only a few flowering shrubs, but there will be more soon. Thank goodness spring is arriving!

Day 9

Day 10

Today is DKC Tutor Maggie Black’s birthday! Design a birthday card for her. Make it meaningful. Share it.

The card may be a bit generic, but really, it comes straight from the heart.



2 thoughts on “Daily Create Challenge, Part II

  1. You’ve definitely just won the award for cutest video project ever. My favorite part is when you ask her why it’s her favorite song and she says because….I love you. So adorable. Your day 7 was super amazing as well. You never know how much a conversation can mean to a person even if you don’t know them. This just proves it.


  2. That is my favorite part too! I will need to keep this link forever, because they grow up too fast! I have also been thinking about that woman since I spoke with her…I hope she is having a better week.


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