The Daily Create, Part III

Day 11

I need to do an audio create, so I went to the archives and pulled this up:

Record 10 seconds of what you are hearing right at this moment!

It is a recording of my washer and dryer running. Proof of multitasking: cleaning and homework at the same time. Can you tell that I lead an exceptionally exciting life?

Day 12

Save Noddy! Someone threw Noddy in the skip and DS106 must save him! Do some photo editing to get him out of there.

I made the treehouse photo first, but my husband thought Noddy would have more fun at Area 51.  So, I made the second one and put it as wallpaper on my husband’s ipod without telling him.  He he he….

TreehouseNoddy  Screensaver

Treehouse Photo CC – by GJ Charlet III, UFO Photo CC – by Vladimir Putovit

I hope Noddy is having more fun now than when he was in the dumpster.

Day 13

Make a Kindle Cover Disaster for the bestseller ‘DS106: a once in a lifetime adventure’

I made this cover pretty bland, ‘cause all the excitement is inside.


Day 14

Take an umbrella photo.


Day 15

Pet montaaju time.


Photo CC – by Davesblog007

The anime eyes were drawn by my daughter, Megan. The kids are home on spring break so we all made some eyes and then picked the best ones.

. . .

I have made it halfway through the challenge. It’s going fast!  I have done every category of the Daily Creates from the ds106 site.


7 thoughts on “The Daily Create, Part III

  1. I love the cat montage photo!! It is super cute and they really played the part to match the eyes haha! I’m excited to make mine tonight. My cat isn’t quite a year old yet so she is pretty feisty and I’m sure she will just love me shoving paper in her face!


  2. I found the cat photo on flicker. As soon as I saw the scrunched up face I knew that was the one! I don’t have a cat to take a picture of, so for the first time I am thankful for all the cat photos available on the internet! I look forward to seeing yours!


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