The Daily Create, Part IV

Day 16

Minimalist paper posters today! Wonderful ‘Papeles de Cine’ (Cinema Papers) … make your own poster.


Mine is of Sherlock Holmes.

Day 17

Look for flaws in your landscape, take a beautiful photo.


Day 18

Today’s create involved video, and my husband has the ipod with him today. So, I dug out the old digital camera, vintage 2008, to do a photo create from the archives…

Rooms are filled with so many colors. Go around your room (any room) and find objects for each color of the rainbow. Make a collage.


Day 19

Create your own interpretation of a famous work of art. Using a famous work as your inspiration, create your own work.

This is based on The Great Wave of Kanagawa.


Day 20

In celebration of National Poetry Month, the National Archives Foundation invites you to find the poetry in our share history by “redacting all but a few words in digital versions of Archives records.

So I chose a document about preventing the “affection” of Spanish Influenza in Boston. I think the person who wrote the document meant infection. It just kind of made me laugh and so I tried to create a poem about forbidden affection.  Sorry in advance for the bad poetry.


Yep, sorry.


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