The Daily Create, Part V

Day 21

Windows let you see in and see out. Create a window collage with the things you want to hide or show to the world.

I made a collage of the windows I have hanging up in my home. I love to decorate with old windows and doors…


Day 22

Find or make a noir cat image in your food. Take a picture.

I used a Noir Cat icon from Google images and made it transparent. Next I took a picture of a slice of blueberry pie from flicker (Photo CC – by Digi Di) and placed the cat over it.


Day 23

Take or make a picture that shows “spring” where you live.

This is my neighbor’s tree, and I get to look at it when I look out my kitchen window. I would love to have a tree like this in my yard!


Day 24

Write a poem about the Daily Create without using the letter “e”.

30 tasks in 30 days

All of various sorts

To impart an important skill

So I will know as much as most

     Audio, visual,

     Draw and with words

     For making and forming

     What is stunning to absurd

I try, I may fail

To supply a good thing

For all ds106 tasks

I do craft for this spring

Day 25

It’s time to elect a DS106 class president – make a poster for your favorite candidate.



7 thoughts on “The Daily Create, Part V

  1. I like your old windows in Day 21 challenge. Vintage is in these days! I bet it was hard on Day 24 to write without using the letter “e” but you did great and it made sense! You’re doing great with your daily create challenges. Thanks for sharing!


    • What have you done with your windows and where did you get them? I’m glad that you liked the drawing and photography creates. I like the photography and digital artwork we have been able to do!


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