The Daily Create, Part VI

Day 26

Make a photograph of yourself as a famous pop artist.


So… this was a little weird. I have never taken a selfie, and I had to for this project. Then I had to edit it. I just felt strange spending time on my own picture.

Day 27

Learn a sentence in a language you have no experience in, then record yourself saying it.

I butchered the language of my ancestors in 5 seconds. I said “Hello, my name is Sarah. Good bye,” in Swedish.

Day 28

Sketch an image of something that scares you. Here is the twist… make it a bit less intimidating in some way.

I’m afraid of tornados, but I made sure that this one had directions so it does not wander my direction.


Day 29

Create a stick figure drawing that is unique and specific to you as a person.

I made my husband and me, holding little stick figure hands. He just got home from a business trip. After being gone for weeks I am so glad to have him home!


Day 30

Take a picture of an animal doing something crazy. If you can’t find a crazy animal, edit a picture and make a crazy animal!

We don’t have an animal to take a picture of, so my son and I made a grumpy cat meme about the end of DS106.

 crazygrumpy cat

30 days of Creativity (or something like it) is complete!


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